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gotta love those clock striking tri-tones! nice little piece.

I like it. that's all that needs to be said 8^)

I envisioned Rabbit Ranger flying through space.....at least, that's the first name to pop into my head, but I digress, this is a cool song. thanks for uploading it! and please, ramble away! love hearing about fun ideas.

Wubkat responds:

Thank you, and glad you enjoy the song! Maybe I'll get the OC drawn in the future!

reminds me of the old question: Which came first-- Love's joy? or Love's sorrow? I like the second half of this, is like the confusion one feels when disassociation hits.

pretty awesome, dude. keep up the good working.

Hyenaedon responds:

Thanks! =}

Blaster Master was my favorite game growing up as well! Always loved the soundtrack, and I always recommend, if not to play the game, then to at least listen to the soundtrack. Great music, Great graphics, Great game! Love this cover of the first level.

I personally think the left hand part is fine the way that it is. it adds a continuity to the piece. an improvised right hand part with the left hand playing the same motif (with maybe a few fluctuations here and there) sounds great. if it made you smile so much, then it must have felt good to play it, and that is all that matters, is it not? if you wanted to continue in the piece, I would have made the left hand part in a minor mode, then shifted back to the major mode to finish it off, but like you said, you already have a million ideas for it. that's the sign of a good left hand, which I already stated earlier is fine just the way it is. overall, I smiled through this piece as well, nice job!

got my toes tappin! this is really good, can tell a lot of work went into it. thanks for posting!

hey, this is good! i enjoyed it!

good work. feels-good-music is feelin good!

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