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2017-08-09 08:08:51 by adaMills

just to let you guys know, i'll probably be uploading piano music for a while. i need to recharge my juices for chiptunes....who knows, maybe in the process of playing and uploading piano music, it may spark a new idea for a chiptune. so bear with me 


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2017-08-12 11:49:57

That's usually how it happens in writing music. One melody, one note even, could spark about five ideas. The best part is when you find those ideas are all good ones that can be developed into five really good songs. Will be looking forward to your work. Just listened to your piano ballade, I posted a comment there. Oddly enough, I'm working on a song in A right, maybe I'll call it "Song w/o words in A"... sue me XD jk I'll come up with my own names. Thanks for sharing your music, it's really nice.

(Updated ) adaMills responds:

you can by all means name it Song w/o words. that's just a general title for a piece of music. I really suck at "naming" pieces, 1. because usually I don't like telling people what to envision when they listen to my works, they should be able to conjure up their own images and 2. because i really just suck at naming things. Debussy used to do that too. He would put the 'names' of his pieces at the end of his music (in the sheet music) so that the people playing it wouldn't have a specific image in their head when playing it. most of the time, i just name my pieces with something that I am currently thinking about when I am improv-ing.